A new countdown begins!

I am finally home from my first international missions trip! My first days back have been spent adjusting back to EST, including 25 hours of sleep in a 30-hour span of time………… oh my! The transition back has been smooth and even less emotional than I predicted; the reason being unexpected process time. I am still absorbing so much of my incredible experience that words escape me when asked, “How was your trip?” Know that it was beyond what I could have fathomed or asked for and I will share as I am ready – which I hope to be soon.

For now, my mind is busy with preparations for my second trip – I leave in under 12 weeks! (October 8th) I am planning a Bunco night and other social parties, a child care raffle, letters, and more! Ideas and hands-on help are welcome and appreciated. 

Online giving looks a little bit different with a site update. Here is the new information:

Give Directly (to someone’s trip):

  1. First time users click “Create An Account”
  2. Under “Give” select “One Time Donation” 
  3. Select “Raleigh” as the campus
  4. Enter amount in “Mission Trip Support” 
  5. Enter traveler’s name and trip name under “Include a message”
    Siara Mims, Uganda, October
  6. Input your card information

Of course, you are welcome to donate other ways – change jars, mailed checks or money orders, cash. You are always encouraged to give as you feel led, but there is never pressure. My support team is a WHOLE lot more than money – I continue to need prayers, encouragement, and others to share my story! I even have cards that you can hand out. 🙂 

Thank you, from the top of my heart, for all that you do. 

Lots of Love, 



The Beginning of Something Greater

Welcome to my blog! If you know me, you’re probably here to learn more about my trip to Africa! If you happened upon me, please read on to learn about it! 

I am traveling with a team from Hope Community Church (Raleigh, NC) totaling 35 volunteers, July 10th – 21st, 2013. We will be primarily in Gulu, Uganda, building in the Laminadera Children’s Village of the Watoto Childcare Ministry. The trip cost is $3,000; not including passport, immunizations, and spending money. 

Here’s the thing – that number doesn’t scare me. It’s big, much bigger than anything I’ve had to accumulate at once thus far. But not bigger than the God that I serve! And I am blessed to have a community of support via you! 

So, how can you get involved? It’s so easy and EVERYTHING matters. 

  • Prayers – pray for me, pray with me – stop me anytime to pray with me!
  • Fundraising – Ideas, support, events. Maybe you’d like to be in charge of an event, or you’d like to be in charge of raising $200 (or any amount) for me – it’s easier when you’re asking for someone else, right? 🙂 I’ll take ideas any time! We have a few in the works. 
  • Encouragement. High-five me when you see me! Let me talk your ear off about my passion for this ministry, trip, and serving people. Send me verses of encouragement. Tell me about how you’ve seen God work on trips you or others have been on. 
  • Financial contributions. Every single penny adds up and every donation is tax deductible. Save change in a jar, give up a “little” daily habit for a month or so and set the money aside (Coffee, soda, etc.), head up a fundraiser. To donate directly: 

Two options! 

  1. Online Giving (currently debit cards only)
    Super easy! Visit http://gethope.net/global-hope/give

    Give Directly (to someone’s trip):

    • Select “Raleigh” as location and “Mission Trip Support” as the fund. Enter your amount and check “One Time Donation”
    • Check the “In memory/honor of” box
    • In the “First Name” field enter the traveler’s full name (i.e., Siara Mims)
    • In the “Last Name” field enter trip location and travel date (i.e., Uganda, July 2013)

  2. Cash or Check    
  • Any cash or check donations must be given directly to me (cannot be dropped off or mailed directly to Hope as it may not get to my fund account).
  • Checks can either be made out to “Siara Mims” or “Hope Community Church” On the memo line, please write, “Siara Mims, Uganda, July Trip
  • Cash should be put in an envelope with “Siara Mims, Uganda, July Trip” written on the front. If you would like your donation to be tax deductible, please write your name, address, and email on the envelope as well. 

My current goal is $700 by Sunday, March 17th. That equals – ten people giving $50, six people giving $25, and five people giving $10! Which one can you be? Any amount is sincerely appreciated! 

Thank you for reading! I am so excited to see how you join my support team! Please contact me with any and all questions! I will have a video with my story up soon! 

Only because of Him,