July 2013 Photos

A very concentrated post from my very first international journey just 7 months ago!




I actually enjoyed the food on Ethiopian Airlines – and it came often!


My favorite airport.


My first Watoto village. An incredible and intentional ministry.


Kids of ALL ages just adored playing with the parachute! We played a variety of games. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard so much giggling!



We even took breaks just to chat. Not pictured: children randomly coming to join in and cuddle.


A portion of our unplanned foot washing ceremony. Probably the ministry time that meant the most to our team and the mums. They were floored that we would want to wash their feet.


Such sweet, affectionate people. I was in my element for sure.


The BEST bus drivers – George and Stephen! Good men with kind servant hearts.


The “school cafeteria” at the Laminadera Children’s Village.


Posho and Beans – my personal favorite.


“My kids”! This is the family (mum and two youngest siblings not pictured) that three of my teammates and I had Sunday lunch with and I visited them at school every day after that. They showed me their classrooms, favorite Scriptures, and we would share stories. They would even share their lunch with me!


Oh Baby Watoto. You’ve got my heart.


There are no adequate words to describe the experience of snuggling, calming, feeding, bathing, changing, loving on these babies. Certainly one of the most emotional experiences I’ve had. I am so thankful for Watoto – many of these babies had been left for dead, or worse, but they have been rescued and restored. They are on their way to a permanent family to be raised to become leaders of Uganda!


A portion of the Laminadera Worship Center dedication service. To this day, my favorite service! Such BEAUTIFUL people.


That’s the Worship Center on the right. Finally, plenty of space with shade!


I just realized that you can’t see the children dancing in this photo…but they were! They love it!


One of the best giraffe photos, captured by a teammate. Incredible to see live, in their HOME habitat!


We also saw elephants, hippos, many antelope, lions, birds, and more. A very special treat.


A whole LOT of incredible people 🙂

I’m hoping to have a full album up on Facebook soon.

Lots of Love,



I have failed you –

in sending THANK YOUS, sharing my adventures via writing and photos, keeping you updated on what is to come…I sincerely apologize. I think of these things often and natural to my human state, I become overwhelmed. Your patience and continued support are incredibly valuable. 

For now, you should know that my third out-of-the-Country trip is planned for February 22nd – March 1st, 2014. I will be traveling to Pétionville, Haiti, to partner with Agape Church. Our team will be providing a number of services and fostering many relationships as we host community outreach events, labor via cleaning & construction, and remain open to the needs of this ministry. Agape Church is in the beginning stages and is modeled after Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda. Having experienced the life-changing ministry of Watoto, I knew that I wanted to be a small part this. 

Many of you know that from February – September, 2013, over $5,000 was raised for my time spent in Africa. Many thanks to GOD and to all of YOU: your big sacrifices of time, money, and other donations; your consistent sharing of my story; your faithful prayers and love. THANK YOU. 

This trip to Haiti is a dramatic decrease in travel time and expense! Just a two hour flight from Miami and $1,500 total – it could almost fool you to be a walk in the park! I’ve found this is my most challenging goal yet. Largely due to the timeline – funds due in under 8 weeks and it will be my 3rd trip in a year. Please understand that I have no interest in being a “short-term missions junkie.” I absolutely do not consider these trips to be vacation or my opportunity to see the world. I say YES to these trips because I am passionate about what is or will be happening there. I say YES to these trips so that I can talk about these incredible ministries in a more personal way. I say YES to these trips to stretch and challenge myself – physically, emotionally, spiritually. You can be part of it, too. 

Thanks for standing with me in all sorts of different and equally important ways. 

My immediate need is the $100 deposit. The next will be an additional $700 by January 6th. Finally, the full balance of $1,500 is due February 10th. Every. Single. Dollar. Matters. 

Lots of Love, 

A new countdown begins!

I am finally home from my first international missions trip! My first days back have been spent adjusting back to EST, including 25 hours of sleep in a 30-hour span of time………… oh my! The transition back has been smooth and even less emotional than I predicted; the reason being unexpected process time. I am still absorbing so much of my incredible experience that words escape me when asked, “How was your trip?” Know that it was beyond what I could have fathomed or asked for and I will share as I am ready – which I hope to be soon.

For now, my mind is busy with preparations for my second trip – I leave in under 12 weeks! (October 8th) I am planning a Bunco night and other social parties, a child care raffle, letters, and more! Ideas and hands-on help are welcome and appreciated. 

Online giving looks a little bit different with a site update. Here is the new information:

Give Directly (to someone’s trip):

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    Siara Mims, Uganda, October
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Of course, you are welcome to donate other ways – change jars, mailed checks or money orders, cash. You are always encouraged to give as you feel led, but there is never pressure. My support team is a WHOLE lot more than money – I continue to need prayers, encouragement, and others to share my story! I even have cards that you can hand out. 🙂 

Thank you, from the top of my heart, for all that you do. 

Lots of Love, 


Global Hope Facebook page

Global Hope Facebook page

Follow our team updates by liking the Global Hope Facebook page! Or, you can visit our blog

I will be journaling during my trip and writing here after I return stateside! 

Please feel free to leave comments here, on Facebook, or email me as I will have limited connection in Africa. Yay! 🙂 

Lots of love to all of you! 

Less than 37 hours…



A few reminders! 
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~I can accept check, cash, or change anytime, just be sure to include your name and address for tax-deduction purposes (or let me know if you don’t want a tax receipt)!
 ~Any money raised beyond my goal of $3,000/trip need will go toward Global Hope ministries. If you’d like to help with the cost of passport or immunizations, please do! Just know that those donations will be separate and cannot qualify for a tax-deduction, sorry. (But it is MUCH appreciated, trust me.) 

~Some friends and I are hosting a Thirty-One + Wine Tasting party in April! More information to come! 

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Thank you. More than I could ever put into words, thank you. Thank you for being proud of me, for encouraging me, for the tight hugs, for the concern, for the sacrificial donations, for attending my shindigs, for not hiding my social media posts, for reading my blog, for sharing your business profits, for opening your homes, for sharing ideas, for being excited with me, for sharing my blog, for not discouraging me, for sending me mail, for LOVING ME! I am so blessed, privileged, and thankful to be surrounded by you all in so many different ways. You leave me sobbing joyfully! I cannot wait to see what these next few months hold; my trip to Gulu and beyond – and YOU are an important part of it! 

Lots of Love, always,