July 2013 Photos

A very concentrated post from my very first international journey just 7 months ago!




I actually enjoyed the food on Ethiopian Airlines – and it came often!


My favorite airport.


My first Watoto village. An incredible and intentional ministry.


Kids of ALL ages just adored playing with the parachute! We played a variety of games. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard so much giggling!



We even took breaks just to chat. Not pictured: children randomly coming to join in and cuddle.


A portion of our unplanned foot washing ceremony. Probably the ministry time that meant the most to our team and the mums. They were floored that we would want to wash their feet.


Such sweet, affectionate people. I was in my element for sure.


The BEST bus drivers – George and Stephen! Good men with kind servant hearts.


The “school cafeteria” at the Laminadera Children’s Village.


Posho and Beans – my personal favorite.


“My kids”! This is the family (mum and two youngest siblings not pictured) that three of my teammates and I had Sunday lunch with and I visited them at school every day after that. They showed me their classrooms, favorite Scriptures, and we would share stories. They would even share their lunch with me!


Oh Baby Watoto. You’ve got my heart.


There are no adequate words to describe the experience of snuggling, calming, feeding, bathing, changing, loving on these babies. Certainly one of the most emotional experiences I’ve had. I am so thankful for Watoto – many of these babies had been left for dead, or worse, but they have been rescued and restored. They are on their way to a permanent family to be raised to become leaders of Uganda!


A portion of the Laminadera Worship Center dedication service. To this day, my favorite service! Such BEAUTIFUL people.


That’s the Worship Center on the right. Finally, plenty of space with shade!


I just realized that you can’t see the children dancing in this photo…but they were! They love it!


One of the best giraffe photos, captured by a teammate. Incredible to see live, in their HOME habitat!


We also saw elephants, hippos, many antelope, lions, birds, and more. A very special treat.


A whole LOT of incredible people 🙂

I’m hoping to have a full album up on Facebook soon.

Lots of Love,



Just 16 days left! Wanna help?

Sweet Supporters, 

I am continually in awe of your love and sacrifice – thank you! For those of you still looking to help, here are a few more things I would like to have before I fly out at 6am on July 10th! Keep in mind that I do not expect everything provided for me (nor has it been)!: 

  • Long shorts/capris/thin pants, size 14
  • Undershorts (for skirts) M/L
  • Non-drowsy Dramamine and/or other motion sickness meds
  • LED flashlight and/or headlamp
  • Excellent bug spray
  • GF Snacks
  • Camping backpack 
  • Above-ankle socks

As I’ve said, any of these things will be a luxury 🙂 

Remember how I spoke about my Mamie saying that she wanted to buy me a new dress for Africa? Turns out that she had several beautiful long skirts and tank tops that fit and will be perfect for my time with the mums! I cried thinking about just how “tickled pink” she would be to know that she had very helpful clothes in her very own closet. I hope you’re resting in peace, Mamie. ❤ 

As I collect the last few things for my first trip, funding for my second is heavy on my heart. Plane purchasing funds are due at the end of July, so I’d love to have more advocates sharing my story! All of you have given above and beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you for sticking it out with me and supporting another trip so soon! Remember that every single dollar matters and all can be tax-deductible!