The year of Africa!

…well, the year of thinking about, planning for, obsessing over, and visiting Africa! 

It all “began” in January, when the Watoto Children’s Choir visited Hope again and I fell deeper in love with the ministry. I joked about moving to Africa and was told about an opportunity to visit. I applied a couple weeks after in February. The next 5 months were spent raising $3,000, collecting supplies, meetings, and most importantly, preparing my spirit. Then we left! More on those details later… 😉 

In the midst of digesting the beautiful experience of traveling to Uganda and ministering alongside the Watoto ministry, I am preparing to visit again – just three months after returning! I made this choice not long before leaving in July because I knew I would want to return and wanted to get a head start on fundraising! 

In an attempt to dissuade cookie-cutter expectations, I’ve wanted to avoid comparing my two 2013 trips to Uganda. However, it seems to naturally happen, so I’d like to go ahead and communicate the surface similarities and differences. Over the next few weeks, I will delve into more of the individual experiences – stay tuned!  

July 10-20, 2013
33 people – various life stages – families, couples, highschoolers and more! 
Jam-packed trip: visits to Watoto Church Central (South Ug.), Suubi Village (including sustainability project; S), Bbira Village (S), Kampala Market (S), Baby Watoto Gulu (North Ug.), Living Hope (N); Worship Center Dedications service (N), traditional lunch with a Laminadera family (N), 2 afternoons with the children of Laminadera (N), Watoto Church Gulu service (N), 3 days of building and Mums ministry & pampering in the Laminadera Village (N), crossing the Nile River by bus then ferry, and experiencing a real African safari. Lots of time spent on planes and buses, since we traveled up and down the country! No boda bodas (bikes/motorcycles) this time!   

October 8-18, 2013
10 women, similar life stages. 
We will be focusing on the Watoto villages in South Uganda, ministering to and pampering the mums in the Suubi & Bbira villages – 3 days at each. Additionally, we’ll attend an evening service at Watoto Central Church, visit Living Hope & Baby Watoto, including Bullrush (preemie baby home!) and other things we’re still ironing out.

More later… 

Seven more weeks before we leave! 🙂 

Lots of Love,