A new countdown begins!

I am finally home from my first international missions trip! My first days back have been spent adjusting back to EST, including 25 hours of sleep in a 30-hour span of time………… oh my! The transition back has been smooth and even less emotional than I predicted; the reason being unexpected process time. I am still absorbing so much of my incredible experience that words escape me when asked, “How was your trip?” Know that it was beyond what I could have fathomed or asked for and I will share as I am ready – which I hope to be soon.

For now, my mind is busy with preparations for my second trip – I leave in under 12 weeks! (October 8th) I am planning a Bunco night and other social parties, a child care raffle, letters, and more! Ideas and hands-on help are welcome and appreciated. 

Online giving looks a little bit different with a site update. Here is the new information:

Give Directly (to someone’s trip):

  1. First time users click “Create An Account”
  2. Under “Give” select “One Time Donation” 
  3. Select “Raleigh” as the campus
  4. Enter amount in “Mission Trip Support” 
  5. Enter traveler’s name and trip name under “Include a message”
    Siara Mims, Uganda, October
  6. Input your card information

Of course, you are welcome to donate other ways – change jars, mailed checks or money orders, cash. You are always encouraged to give as you feel led, but there is never pressure. My support team is a WHOLE lot more than money – I continue to need prayers, encouragement, and others to share my story! I even have cards that you can hand out. 🙂 

Thank you, from the top of my heart, for all that you do. 

Lots of Love, 



Global Hope Facebook page

Global Hope Facebook page

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I will be journaling during my trip and writing here after I return stateside! 

Please feel free to leave comments here, on Facebook, or email me as I will have limited connection in Africa. Yay! 🙂 

Lots of love to all of you! 

Less than 37 hours…


Single digit countdown!

And on one hand, nonetheless! AH! Cannot believe there are just 5 days…as a matter of fact, in exactly 5 days, I will have just left DC headed toward Ethiopia. Cannot even believe my own words. I have been blessed with a few days off and will be using it to rest, hydrate, and prepare all of my supplies! I am so incredibly appreciative for the outpouring of love, things, and monies. 

Any last minute advice, suggestions, questions? Still need to pack GF – what are the must haves? 😉 

Looking forward to every moment of this trip and sharing it all with you when I return! 

Lots of Love,